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Sand Racer Blog Owner's Details

My name is Jon (aka Jon Bloggs, aka Sandracer) and I live in London England.

I used to gamble on anything that moves. Now I prefer to bet on just horse racing, dogs and golf. I do bet on horse races run on the turf, especially the big meetings like Cheltenham and the Grand National, but I generally stick to the all-weather meetings run on the sand/polytracks in the UK for the purposes of editing this blog.

I am a QPR supporter for my sins. No one dislikes us, because we're not a threat apparently. I used to bet on alot of football matches, but never did very well, especially when I bet on QPR.

I spent from the ages of 7-17 playing money up, or betting on the fruit machines in the arcade amusements while on holiday, or in the chip shop near my house and school. I moved onto betting on everything at 18 in the highstreet bookies. I came online and played up a few casino bonuses until I got sick of it. Now I'm back where I belong for good, punting the GG's, the greyhounds and some big priced golfers.

Posted at 12:09, Saturday, February 17, 2007 by the Sandracer.

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Hi Jon,

I notice you follow horse/dog racing and already link to, well with regards to dog racing GG are thinking about expanding their site to include dog racing aswell in future which you may be interested in.

I thought i'd message you as I believe you would find interest in’s new free to play horse racing tipping game

It’s called Tipzone: (

You can play competitively, use it to test a betting system RISK FREE, or should you wish set up leagues to play against friends or colleagues. It's kinds like those fantasy football leagues but in relation to horse racing. Although it only caters for UK and Australian racing at the current time, we will be introducing US racing in the near future also.

You seem to be a serious punter who would benefit from having a tinker with it, we have unearthed some great horse racing tipsters on the back of using it, the most notable of which has an overall profit of £570,250.01 (honestly) goes by the name of The Sweeney and is 20th on the all-time leaderboard, im sure it'll interest you.

Have a play with it, see what you think, then if you wouldnt mind give an honest review on it withinh your blog? Good or bad, we just want users opinions, as thats the only way we can make it better.

We believe you will find it a very useful tool to aid in your horse racing betting

Either way, thanks for your time and good luck with your blog.
David Ackerman

Comment Posted By Blogger Malcolm Heyhoe - 5:14 pm, October 09, 2007 

Hi Jon,
Noted your comment on my blog.
Had a look at your site - quite comprehensive but too many tips?
Found difficulty keeping up-to-date
with my blog in view of all the record keeping and studying form etc.
Tend to go on betfair forum now and again (Pinza) with useful stats about particular race or trainer.
Am also away from home quite a bit with "housesitting" job. Usually have computer access but not always.
Still catching up on 2007 data input and analysis of flat database (1994 onwards).
Also started NH Flat database from 1987.
Should be ready for flat by April??

Comment Posted By Blogger The Racing Detective - 4:38 pm, January 16, 2008 

Crikey, that sounds like a lot of work. 20 year databases?

I do bet alot more during the winter yes. Sometimes 10 bets a day. During the summer the all weather meetings tail off quite alot, and I don't bet as much.

I would not call my selections tips though. I think i'm the only one mad enough to back as many outsiders as I do sometimes.

Thanks for dropping by Racing Detective. Shall keep an eye out for your flat racing analysis after the jumps are over.

Comment Posted By Blogger Sandracer - 7:36 pm, January 16, 2008 

Hi Jon,
I see you dropped by over w/end.
Ignore the data post. I was only playing about with my system data.
Those sprint races are for viewing really not backing.
That grade of race does not always supply enough data for trainers like Shaw & Ivory.

Anyway how R U getting. The last time I looked at your site last week the tips were struggling. What method do you use?

Do you ever go on Betfair Forum?
I sometimes post on there and also add my thoughts on other peoples post.

Comment Posted By Blogger The Racing Detective - 1:10 pm, February 04, 2008 

Hello RD.

I read the Betfair Forum, but I have'nt posted as yet. 1 day..

Have not been doing so good the last 2 weeks, but have found a couple over the last couple of days.

The aim is to read the handicaps backward, from rag to favourite. The want is to find the biggest priced horse I think is capable of ever winning a race over the trip & grade in it's career.

I have found some big winners doing so. None as big as the 200/1 bumper winner you backed at Betfair though.. 1 day.


Comment Posted By Blogger Sandracer - 11:25 pm, February 04, 2008 

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

Comment Posted By Anonymous Anonymous - 3:31 pm, December 12, 2009 

No anonymous, I'm not a profressional journalist no.


Comment Posted By Blogger Sandracer - 3:57 pm, December 12, 2009 

Hi Jon,

Just to let you know I've knocked the skydogs blog on the head, mainly due to lack of content for the doggies.

Thanks for having a link up on your site and apologies for any work involved in removing it.

Keep up the good work.


Comment Posted By Anonymous Ken - 5:42 pm, February 28, 2010 

Keeneth, you should have kept it going old boy.

There are'nt many greyhound blogs around.

I see you're delving into the all weather.

Comment Posted By Blogger Sandracer - 3:27 pm, March 01, 2010 

Yes I agree I can never find enough information for the dogs so shame your blog stopped. I have always found the prices to be better on the dogs with only 6 runners so any site that helps in this sphere is worth their weight in gold.

Comment Posted By Anonymous Racing Horse Tips - 3:51 pm, July 26, 2010 

Hi Jon,

Some years ago I think it may be around 6 years you I believe followed my Poker Blog and asked why I had closed it down. I closed it simply due to the amount of time it took to run the poker forum and it's 5000 + members. Trying to keep them all happy was just to much.

I also had to decide where I wanted to dedicate my time so I got back into the racing game and only yesterday started my own Blog on racing.

Interesting site Jon, some of the tips you have are very high prices but will watch with interest and compare how your tips do tonight compared to mine.

Be lucky....

Comment Posted By Anonymous Richard - 1:54 pm, February 06, 2014 

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